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NPDES Discharge Monitoring Report Form TemplatesTM

This Excel template will help you reduce the frustration of completing your periodic NPDES DMR forms. The program is easy to configure so it exactly matches your reporting requirements. Reports can be readily printed or archived for later retrieval and results can be exported in a variety of standard data formats. The printed form looks identical to the standard NPDES DMR form.


(Requires Windows 3.1, 95 or NT, and Excel 5.0 or higher)
P/N A11090  NPDES Windows Version
P/N A21090 NPDES Macintosh Version
P/N A11197 NPDES DMR Application Form 2C Wastewater Discharge
P/N A11903 NPDES DMR Application Form 2F Wastewater Discharge
P/N A11904 NPDES DMR Application Form 1 General Wastewater Discharge Info
P/N A11902 Standard Form (SF) 254 
Architect -Engineer & Related Services Questionaire
P/N A11905 Asbestos Reporting Form
P/N A11906 UST Underground Storage Tank Laboratory Analysis Report Template
P/N A11907 Teir II Excel Template
P/N A11032 Sewage Treatment Plant Templates

All Forms Requires Windows™ 3.1, 95, 98, NT and Excel 5.0 or higher.

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