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Lab Safety Training  Fume Hood

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Laboratories are the sites of many potential hazards. The laboratory fume hood provides the primary means of protection against inhalation of hazardous chemicals. Studies have shown, however, that at least half the illnesses related to fume hoods were due to improper use of the hood rather than the design of the hood.

The fume hood is nothing more than a piece of safety equipment in the laboratory. Yet few people are trained in the correct and proper use of this important piece of equipment. The thrust of this training is to provide important knowledge how different types of fume hoods work, analyze special design considerations that play a part in protecting the user and to provide proper use guidelines.

The types of fume hoods that are covered include:

Conventional fume hoods
By-pass fume hoods
Auxiliary air fume hoods
Special hoods (perchloric acid, walk-in hoods, and glove boxes)

Proper design of the hood minimizes air turbulence. Three design considerations are discussed so that proper use may be made of them.

Air foils



Just as important as the design features are the practices used for the operation of the hood. Twelve specific use guidelines are given and discussed so that the hood may protect the user in its most optimal method.

This program demonstrates each of its points through photographs and handouts. Each of the guidelines is available in a format that can be attached to the hood or wall next to the hood as a constant reminder on how best to use the fume hood.

Fume hoods perform so well in protecting the user from harmful chemical vapors that they are frequently taken for granted. However, they can only perform in the manner in which they were intended if they are used correctly.

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