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TWC BioSearch, in co-operation with CORTEX BIOCHEM, offers the most comprehensive line of magnetizable particles in the Asian Market. The MagaPhase technology utilizes a unique encapsulation process, whereby ultra-pure iron oxide (Fe3O4) is suspended and uniformly entrapped in a variety of polymer supports such as polysaccharides, acrylic polymers, and co-polymers. This method produces a reliable, consistent, and low-cost magnetizable support which has been used in a variety of successful commercial manual and automated assays. MagaPhase particles are "paramagnetic"; once the magnetic field has been removed, MagaPhase particles retain no residual magnetism. Magnetizable particles have been found useful in many applications including Immunoseparation, Cell Separation, and DNA/RNA Separation. In large-scale purification procedures MagaPhase products can replace non-magnetizable supports. This simplifies processing and increases purified product recovery to its maximum potential by reducing cumbersome manipulation steps.

MagaPhase particles coupled to a variety of reagents are also available. These include secondary antibodies, enzymes, and bioactive compounds for affinity purification.

On an OEM basis, MagaPhase particles can be manufactured to meet your custom specifications.

MagaCellÔ (Magnetizable Cellulose / Iron-Oxide)
MagaCell is an excellent solid-phase support for the immobilization of antibodies, enzymes, and other bioreactive proteins. MagaCell has a large porous surface which offers a high capacity for binding large quantities of biomolecules. MagaCell's vicinal hydroxyl groups are activated by employing well-established surface chemistries including cyanogen bromide, carbodiimidazole, epoxide, and periodate.
MagAcroleinÔ (Magnetizable Polyacrolein / Iron-Oxide)
MagAcrolein is an autoreactive and ready-to-use solid-phase. The free aldehyde (-CHO) groups on the surface of these particles are readily available for coupling to proteins and compounds containing primary amino (-NH2) groups. This product has a hard, hydrophobic, non-porous surface, making it an ideal solid support for immobilization of biomolecules where a high capacity surface is required.
MagaCharcÔ (Magnetizable Charcoal)
MagaCharc is composed of iron oxide and charcoal entrapped in a polyacrylamide matrix. Magnetizable charcoal is suitable for use in the uptake of small molecular weight analytes. Applications include uptake of free antigen fractions in binding assays and adsorption of haptens from biological fluids.
MagaPhaseÔ Affinity Support Products

CORTEX BIOCHEM offers a full line of MagaPhase products for affinity purification. These include Streptavidin, Protein A, Protein G, and affinity purified species-specific secondary antibodies coupled to MagaCell or MagaBeads.

MagaPhaseÔ Ion-Exchange Products

MagaCell-X is a product line of magnetizable cellulose ion-exchangers:

" MagaCell-Diethylaminoethyl (DEAE)

" MagaCell-Carboxymethyl (CM)

" MagaCell-Polyethyleneimine (PEI)

" MagaCell-Quaternary Ammonium Cellulose (Q)

These products are designed for fast, easy, and efficient separation of proteins, enzymes, and nucleic acid fragments. MagaCell-X may be used in magnetizable batch separation techniques, offering significant advantages over conventional ion-exchange methods. For example, samples are not required to be free of cellular debris or other insoluble material, since no columns are required. Washing and elution steps are simply and rapidly achieved by using a standard magnet.


MagaBeads are uniform spherical magnetizable particles, prepared using a unique surface modification chemistry that allows virtually any length structure to be attached to the magnetizable particles' surface. MagaBeads can be used in bioseparation technologies without harming enzymes, microbes, or cells. CORTEX BIOCHEM's MagaBeads product line is designed to provide a cost-effective way to scale up your laboratory separation process.

MagaBeads are best recommended for the following applications:

" Protein and DNA Separation

" Cell Isolation

" Enzyme Immobilization

" Bacterial Capture

Please consult TWC BioSearch for specific products.