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National Center for Infectious Diseases -  
NCID conducts surveillance, epidemic investigations, epidemiological & laboratory research, training, and public education programs to develop, evaluate, & promote prevention and control strategies for infectious diseases - division of Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC).
The FDA Bad Bug page -  
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration's handbook which provides basic facts regarding foodborne pathogenic microorganisms and natural toxins. Good information and a lot of good content.
Microbeworld: Your Gateway to the World of Microbes -  
A place to view colorful images of microbes, read intriguing microbial facts and trivia, get educational resources and activities, and learn more about these fascinating microscopic creatures.

WDCM - World Data Centre for Microorganisms -  
An electronic gateway to databases on microbes and cell lines and resources on biodiversity, molecular biology and genomes.
Introduction To Clinical Microbiology -  
This site contains a large number of excellent images of bacteria, culture media, and biochemical tests. It contains three different folders. The Cell which talks about the structure of bacterial cell walls. Lab Methods which contains information on how to perform certain biochemical tests, how to perform a gram stain, and how certain lab media are used. And the best folder of all The Taxonomy folder that contains enormous amounts of information on pathogenic bacteria.
Bug Bytes -  
Bug Bytes is a site that provides information about current issues in Infectious diseases, each biweekly issue of Bug Bytes will attempt to present a single problem in Infectious Diseases. The information is concise concerning the diagnosis, therapy, or biology of an infectious disease.
Microbiology & Public Health -  
This website contains information on public health, infectious disease profiles, mycology, virology, parasitology, mycobacteriology, bacteriology and environmental health.
chromogenic assays -  
On-line journal about chromogenic and fluorogenic assays i microbiology. the use of chromogenic culture media in microbiology

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