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Biophysics of Neuronal Computation -  
Using the detailed biophysics and microanatomy of cortical neurons to study their complexity from an information theory point of view - from the California Inst. of Technology.
Neurotrophic Factors -  
Information on neurotrophic factors.
UCSF Graduate Program in Neuroscience -  
The University of California, San Francisco offers an interdisciplinary program for graduate training in neuroscience. Our program seeks to train students who will be expert in one particular approach to neuroscientific research and in its related basic science disciplines, but who will have a strong background in other areas of neuroscience as well. A conscious effort is made to promote interaction among different research groups and to develop a multi-disciplinary approach to teaching.
Consciousness and Neuroscience -  
Review article describing biological approaches to the study of consciousness by Francis Crick and Christof Koch.
Hardin MD: Neurology & Neurosciences -  
From the University of Iowa, the *best* lists of Internet sources in neurology, neurosurgery, and neurosciences, and nervous system diseases (brain, spine, nerves).
Synapse Web -  
Scientific resources for the study of synapse structure and function, including tutorials on neurocytology, software, 3D data, and reconstructions from serial electron microscopy.
Ion Channels, Transmitters, Receptors, and Disease -  
Extensive review of ion channel biology and related neuromuscular pathology - from Washington Univ.-St. Louis.
Research Network on Early Experience & Brain Development -  
Strives to be inter- and multi-disciplinary by drawing on experts from developmental psychology, developmental neurobiology, and developmental/behavioral pediatrics.
Psychology Exploratorium in Biological Foundations of Psychology -  
Articles and links on Biological Psychology.
Chaos in the Central Nervous System -  
Tutorial on chaos theory and self-organizing systems in the brain. Freeman Neurophysiology Lab, UC Berkeley.
Neuroscience Information Center -  
Free and up-to-date resources for anyone who wants to learn neuroscience.
Stony Brook Hippocampus Club -  
Hippocampus information and links, general neuroscience information and links, hippocampus seminar information, related neuroscience topics.
Brain and Behavior, from Serendip -  
Interactive exhibits, forum, and links aimed at exploring the observational basis and significance of the assertion that the nervous system underlies all aspects of human behavior and experience.
The Octopus Group -  
Research group on the motor control of the flexible arm of the octopus.
Auditory Physiology and Biophysics -  
Cellular basis of information processing in the auditory system. Potassium channels, modeling, synaptic transmission, and dendritic integration.

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