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iProtocol for Bioscience -  
A web-based database for protocols used in bioscience based in the Massachusettus Institute of Technology.
Green Fluorescent Protein Applications -  
Applications of GFP to different biological problems.
Flow Cytometry on the Web -  
Listing of WWW resources devoted to flow cytometry.
Histology Technical Methods -  
An alphabetical protocol index.
Expressing Uncertainty of Measurement Results -  
From NIST website: Guidelines and perspectives (U.S. and international) on how to express uncertainties.
HyperStat Online -  
Introductory hypertext statistics book. Each chapter contains links to related materials including educational demos and web-based statistical analysis programs.
HyperStat -  
an introductory-level hypertext statistics book.
Statistics Every Writer Should Know -  
Basic statistical concepts described in plain English.
Common Distribution Calculators -  
Calculators, plotters, and random number generators for pdf and cdf of the common continuous and discrete probability distributions.

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