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5S Ribosomal RNA Databank RNA Sequences
AARSDB Protein Databases
AAindex Proteome Resources
ACeDB Genomic Databases
ALFRED Mutation Databases
AMmtDB Genomic Databases
ASDB Gene Express ion
AS TRAL Structure
Androgen Receptor Gene Mutations Database Mutation Databases
Ares Lab Intron Site Gene Identification and Structure
Asthma Gene Database Mutation Databases
Asthma and Allergy Database Mutation Databases
Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Hematology Mutation Databases
Axeldb Gene Expression
B LOCKS Protein Sequence Motifs
BTKbase Mutation Databases
BioImage Structure
Bio MagResBank Structure
BodyMap Gene Expression
CATH Structure
COMPEL Gene Identification and Structure
CSD Structure
CUTG Gene Identification and Structure
Clusters of Orthologous Groups (COG) Comparative Genomics
Collection of mRNA-like non-coding RNAs RNA Sequences
Cre Transgenic Database Transgenics
Cro pNet Genomic Databases
CyanoBase Genomic Databases
Cytokine Gene Polymorphism Database Mutation Databases
DAtA Protein Databases
DBcat Varied Biomedical Content
DExH/D Family Database Protein Databases
DIP Intermolecular Interactions
DNA Data Bank of Japan (DDBJ) Major Sequence Repositories
DPInteract Intermolecular Interactions
DRESH Genetic Maps
Database of Germline p53 Mutations Mutation Databases
Database of Macromolecular Movements Structure
Database of Ribosomal Crosslinks (DRC) Intermolecular Interactions
Database on the Structure of Large Subunit Ribosomal RNA RNA Sequences
Database on the Structure of Small Subunit Ribosomal RNA RNA Sequences
Decoy s 'R' Us Structure
DrugDB Varied Biomedical Content
EID Gene Identification and Structure
EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database Major Sequence Repositories
EMGlib Genomic Databases
ENZYME Metabolic Pathways and Cellular Regulation
EPD  Gene Identification and Structure
ESTHER Protein Databases
EcoCyc Metabolic Pathways and Cellular Regulation
EcoGene Genomic Databases
Endogenous GPCR List Protein Databases
EpoDB Metabolic Pathways and Cellular Regulation
ExInt Gene Identification and Structure
FIMM Pathology
FUNPEP Protein Databases
FlyBa se Genomic Databases
FlyNets Metabolic Pathways and Cellular Regulation
FlyView Gene Expression
G3-RH Genetic Maps
GB4-RH Genetic Maps
GDB Genetic Maps
GOBASE Genomic Databases
GPCRDB Protein Databases
GRAP Mutant Databases Mutation Databases
GenAtlas Genetic Maps
GenBank Major Sequence Repositories
GenP rotEC Protein Databases
Gene Expression Database (GXD) Gene Expression
GeneMap '99 Genetic Maps
Genome Sequence Database (GSDB) Major Sequence Repositories
Guide RNA Database RNA Sequences
HGBASE Mutation Databases
HIC-Up Structure
HIV Molecular Immunology Database Protein Databases
HIV Sequence Database Genomic Databases
HIV-RT Mutation Databases
HOX-PRO Varied Biomedical Content
HSSP Structure
HUGE Protein Databases
Haemophilia B Mutation Database Mutation Databases
Histone Sequence Database Protein Databases
Homeobox Page Protein Databases
Homeodomain Resource Protein Databases
HuGeMap Genetic Maps
Human BAC Ends Database Genomic Databases
Human Gene Mutation Database (HMGD) Mutation Databases
Human PAX2 Allelic Variant Database Mutation Databases
Human PAX6 Allelic Variant Database Mutation Databases
Human Type I and Type III Collagen Mutation Database Mutation Databases
HvrBase Mutation Databases
IDB/IEDB Gene Identification and Structure
IMB Jena Image Library Structure
IMG T Protein Databases
INE Genomic Databases
ISSD Structure
IXDB Genetic Maps
InBase Protein Databases
Intronerator RNA Sequences
KEYnet Retrieval S ystems and Database Structure
KMDB Mutation Databases
Ka bat Database Protein Databases
Kidney Development Database Gene Expression
KinMutBase Mutation Databases
Klotho Metabolic Pathways and Cellular Regulation
Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) Metabolic Pathways and Cellular Regulation
LGIC Protein Databases
LIGAND Metabolic Pathways and Cellular Regulation
LPFC Structure
LocusLink/RefSeq Varied Biomedical Content
MAGEST Gene Expression
MEROPS Protein Databases
MHCPEP Protein Databases
MITOMAP Genomic Databases
MITONUC/MITOALN Genomic Databases
MITOP Genomic Databases
MMDB Structure
MODBASE Structure
MPDB Varied Biomedical Content
Membrane Protein Database Protein Databases
Mendel Database Genomic Databases
MitBASE Genomic Databases
MitoDat Genomic Databases
MmtDB Mutation Databases
Molecul ar Probe Database Varied Biomedical Content
Mo use Atlas and Gene Expression Database Gene Expression
Mouse Genome Database (MGD) Genomic Databases
Mouse Tumor Biology Database (MTB) Pathology
Munich Information Center for Protein Sequences (MIPS) Genomic Databases
Mutation Spectra Database Mutation Databases
NCBI Taxonomy Browser Varied Biomedical Content
NCL Mutations Mutation Databases
NDB Structure
NRR Protein Databases
NRSub Genomic Databases
Non-canonical Base Pair Database RNA Sequences
O-GLYCBASE Protein Sequence Motifs
Olfactory Receptor Database Protein Databases
Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM) Mutation Databases
P AHdb Mutation Databases
PDB-REPRDB Structure
PDB< /db> Structure
PEDB Pathology
PIR-ALN Protein Sequence Motifs
PKR Protein Databases
PLACE Gene Identification and Structure
PLMItRNA RNA Sequences
PM D Mutation Databases
PPMdb Protein Databases
PRESAGE Structure
PRINTS Protein Sequence Motifs
PROMISE Protein Databases
PROSITE Protein Seq uence Motifs
Peptaibol Protein Databases
Pfam Protein Sequence Motifs
PhosphoBase Protein Databases
Phytophthora Genome Initiative Database Genomic Databases
PlantCARE Gene Identification and Structure
ProClass Protein Sequence Motifs
ProDom Protein Sequence Motifs
ProTherm Structure
Prolysis Protein Databases
Protein Information Resource (PIR) Protein Databases
ProtoMap Protein Sequence Motifs
Pseudobase RNA Sequences
PubMed Varied Biomedical Content
R B1 Gene Mutation Database Mutation Databases
REBASE Proteome Resources
RESID Structure
RNA Modification Database RNA Sequences
Rad iation Hybrid Database Genetic Maps
Receptor Database (RDP) Protein Databases
RegulonDB Metabolic Pathways and Cellular Regulation
Ribonuclease P Database Protein Databases
Ribosomal Database Project (RDP) RNA Sequences
Ri bosomal RNA Mutational Database Mutation Databases
RsGDB Genomic Databases
SBASE Protein Sequence Motifs
SCOP Structure
SELEX_DB RNA Sequences
SENTRA Protein Databases
SMART Protein Sequence Motifs
SRPDB RNA Sequences
SV40 Large T-Antigen Mutant Database Mutation Databases
SW ISS-2DPAGE Proteome Resources
SW ISS-PROT/TrEMBL Protein Databases
SYSTERS Protein Seq uence Motifs
Saccharomyces Genome Database (SGD) Genomic Databases
Small RNA Database RNA Sequences
TIGR Gene Indices Major Sequence Repositories
TIGR Microbial Database Genomic Databases
TRANSFAC Protein Databases
TRIPLES Gene Expression
TRRD Gene Identification and Structure
The Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR) Genomic Databases
Tooth Development Database Gene Expression
TransTerm Gene Identification and Structure
Transge nic/Targeted Mutation Database Transgenics
Tree of Life Varied Biomedical Content
UM-BBD Metabolic Pa thways and Cellular Regulation
UTRdb RNA Sequences
UniGene Major Sequence Repositories
Vec tordb Varied Biomedical Content
Virgil Retrieval Systems and Database Structure
Viroid and Viroid-Like RNA Database RNA Sequences
WIT2 Metabolic Pathways and Cellular Regulation
Wnt Database Protein Databases
XREFdb Comparative Genomics
YIDB Gene Identification and Structure
Yeast Proteome Database (YPD) Proteome Resources
Yeast snoRNA Databa se RNA Sequences
ZFIN Genomic Databases
ZmDB  Genomic Databases
dbSNP Mutation Databases
iARC p53 Database Mutation Databases
ooTFD Protein Databases
p53 Databases Mutation Databases
tRNA Sequences RNA Sequences
tmRDB RNA Sequences
tmRNA Website RNA Sequences
This list of databases was written by TWC based on the list of Molecular Biology Databases in the y2k New England Biolabs catalog page 180. This was based on the work of Baxevanis Nucleic Acids Research 28(1),1-7

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